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Trekker TR560

Length: 120 cm  |   Width: 56 cm  |  Height: 102.5 – 107 cm  |    Weight: 23kg  |  Load capacity: 130 kg  |  DC Electric Motor : 24 Volt , 250 Watt  |  Battery: Lithium ion 30 Amp  |  Range – 55 km*  |  Charging time – Up to 3.5 hours

Founded in 2002, Motion Innovation is a leader in designing, producing, and distributing reliable, electric, and emission-free scooters. Under the brand name Trekker, each electric scooter is categorized as a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV). As a Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), each Trekker scooter is a cost-effective transportation solution of only 0.025€ per km.

Our Trekker models are suitable for a wide variety of end users. The ultra-light & foldable models can be used in combination with trains/cars, while the utility models are suited for transporting people inside warehouses, campuses, industrial complexes, and more.

As part of our mission to make people emission-free mobile, all our models are fully customizable, making it possible to tailor them to the client’s specific needs.

Motion Innovation models are produced in Western Europe in corporation with local partners.